A case of food poisoning and too much worrying

We had to rush my lola (Luring) to a nearby hospital because of food poisoning as we have suspected. I just got back from work then fell asleep. Then lolo had to wake me up. Whenever emergency situations like this occurs, he always gets so nervous he yells at everyone exclaiming that someone is about to die, or worse, already dead. The moment I saw lola twitching in pain, I knew it must have been the “tahong” we ate last night. At the hospital, the nurse gave her a shot of pain killer. After about 4 hours of waiting, all is well again. Apart from food poisoning, lola also worries too much about us and lola Charing who suffers from Alzheimer. Lesson learned: do not eat stale “tahong” and worry too much.

Saturday, May 27th, 2006 my lola Charing

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