Doctor’s visit

Dra. Sabayan visited lola Charing today. She was referred by Sister Fe (of La Verna). Up until now, we do not know as to why she could not walk anymore. The doctor told us that Alzheimer patients do not normally develop this. She is suspecting that it may have been brought about by a stroke. She also observed that lola Charing has Osteoporosis. She recommended to get a professional caregiver instead of a “yaya” since lola Charing becomes moody sometimes. Taking an Alzheimer patient to a nursing place or house for the elders is not something Dra. Sabayan recommends. She says it will be best to put her somewhere close to family — at our house in other words. I am just worried about my lola Luring (and lolo) since they certainly will have a hard time taking care of themselves and lola Charing at the same time. But lola Charing has nowhere else to stay but with us. And we promise to take good care of her to the best that we can.

Sunday, May 28th, 2006 my lola Charing

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