I think she’s back to being a 12-year-old again

Whenever I pass by lola Charing’s room, I would always make it a point to ask her what my name was. Most of the time she just smiles. Sometime she cries out of frustration because she know she cannot remember. Sometimes, she calls me her dad. I would then always remind her, “Kayo po si Mang Charing… sino po kayo?”. She then smiles and acknowledge, “Ako po si Mang Charing”. She seems to remember this and most of the other things we tell her, but only temporarily of course. When she wakes up again the next morning, it’s back to zero. I think she is in a state of being a 12-year-old because she would usually whispher and ask for her daddy during her sleep. Or I maybe wrong, she could be uttering Danny rather, the name of her husband who already passed away.

Sunday, May 28th, 2006 my lola Charing

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