Wanted: Caregiver

It’s sad to know that while most Filipno caregivers are aiming to go abroad to practice their profession there, a lot of old people need professional caregivers here. Recently, my lola Charing’s husband died (tito Danny) so we had to temporarily adopt her so we can take care of her in our house in Marikina. Lola Charing is my lola’s sister who started to develop Alzheimer since a couple of years ago. My lola used to call her lola “Taba” before. Now, she is hardly that. She cannot take care of herself now and has to be spoon-fed.

my lola Charing remembering that she can read

We tried finding her a nursing place to stay but there are just too many old people and few caregivers. Whenever we ask, “Kailan po ba magkakaruon nang bakante?”; we always get “… kapag may namatay po”. We were actually supposed to have transferred lola Charing to La Verna (Franciscan sisters) this week, a place that was conveniently near us. But after the ‘mother superior’ discovered that lola Charing could not walk and eat by herself anymore, they had to deny her. She needs a home for the elderly that accepts old people with Alzheimer, and a professional caregiver.

(I am dedicating a special thread on this blog just for my lola Charing. I’ll be blogging her progress and whereabouts. Hopefully this can reach out to relatives.)

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2006 my lola Charing

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  • glssie jan l. tabao says:

    if ever you need a private caregiver to your lola,please do contact me,but im available for only 8hrs job…you may txt me to this #092030232 or call to this #490-77-83..tnx

  • marie genevieve says:

    hi im 39 years old fresh graduate of caregiver with licensed .

  • marie genevieve says:

    u can call me on my cel 09173646898

  • Glenda Razon says:

    hi! if you need a caregiver… just e-mail me or txt me 0999-5347224. If you need a guy caregiver, I can also recommend my friend, so that lola Charing may carry/lift easily. Thanks & God bless you…

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