Buwiset!!! We were shocked when lola Charing first exclaimed this when she got irritated when Magda-sheewee, a cute little fluffy puppy, barked at her for food. She was eating dinner then. Other than Magda, we have 2 more labradors. Lola Charing would get to see our dogs during her daily morning walk outside our house. Most of the time, she can tolerate the dogs’ playfulness but when they start barking for food, we get to hear lola Charing say, “Buwiset!!!”. Lola Luring says this was the same behaviour she displays whenever she gets irrated back when they were “dalaga”. So every time my brothers and I hear someone shouts, “Buwiset!” in the middle of the night, that means Magda the fluffy puppy got inside lola Charings room. We always get a good laugh when this happens. We would then take the puppy outside the house so that lola Charing can go back to sleep — and us too.

Monday, June 12th, 2006 my lola Charing

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  • GAiL says:

    wawa naman si magda, pinalayas na ?

  • Giles says:

    Love in a cottage. Giles.

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