Gail, Gail, Gail

November 25, 2006 is our big day!!!

Thursday, July 6th, 2006 Gail category

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  • donz says:

    this theme of your soon to be “better-half” i guess is a “hotcake”! i like the cool and suave effect of the colors…
    i am new to wordpress and i am not even a programmer and i am inspired to take lessons on PHP prog, if a friend of mine would be acommodating enough to take me under his wings…
    well, i am using this theme here: with a little modification on the header image. i added a picture of the boy whom i and my yahoo groupmates have tried to help with his immediate heart shunting because of his debilitating ailment, rather, his life threatening heart ailment.
    nice teamwork, eh! hope more filipino themes from wordpress afficionados come out and be shared by everyone. minus the stupid rippers as pointed out by Gail…hehehe.

    asslaam alaykum!

    Taif, KSA

  • Arelle says:

    i want to be there when it happens…

  • GAiL says:

    honey… mag-blog ka naman!!!

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