Silver Arowana for Sale

I never imagined it would happen to me. But it happened. A few days ago, my 15-inch silver arowana decided to go on a fishing expedition to the floor. It jumped several feet out of its 50-gallon aquarium and landed on the wooden floor. (I wasn’t there when this happened.) It bounced back and forth for a good 30-seconds before it got exhausted. Good thing my sister Diane who was watching TV at the time, found a way to put it back in the aquarium. I’m selling this lovely Silver Arowana because it has become too big for me to handle and take care. I do not have┬áthe time to buy and setup a larger aquarium. This graceful “Savage Beast” as Gail calls it, is well taken cared of. I feed it with Arorwana sticks, crickets, feeder fish, superworms, and occasional white mice. Never cockroach or dirty insects!!! Anyone interested? Let me know.
Thursday, October 12th, 2006 Silver Arowana for Sale

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  • Dizzy says:

    What is the price and what state are u in?

  • Marc says:

    DIZZY: I’m not in the US. I’m in Manila, Philippines. And I don’t think my arowana can jump its way to where you are. Good to know that you’re also a fish dude!!!

  • bryan says:

    how much

  • Marc says:

    BRYAN: I’m selling it for just 5k. barbels are healthy. scales look shiny and healthy since I feed it with shrimp. eyes are not bulging since its aquarium is situated just a few feet from the floor. as for the transportation of the fish, we need expert advise.

    I don’t have time to check my blog nowadays. so busy. if anyone is interested, email me at


  • Iren says:

    It’s really great fish!

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