Game 27: E-Telecare vs Dragoons

25-16; 25-7; 25-15 

Kumusta naman Pilipinas!!! Our game against Dragoons was another loss in 3 sets but on the positive side, we played fairly well as a team in terms of supporting each other in and out the court. Most importantly, we had a good time in this moment of defeat. As usual, using Sonny’s strategy/plays, we started out strong and answered the opponent’s offense with our own (c/o Alliver who happens to be our Mr.Energy Player of the Game). Ernest showed consistency with his setting skills while our team libero Lucky, provided the team’s main line of defense (but would seem to falter when it comes to Charlie Ponce’s powerful spikes — bakit kaya?). Eventhough we eventually lost the first set, the players in the court were full of enthusiasm and passion all throughout the first set — the way we should have been playing since the start of the tourney.

Kudos to our “Kumusta naman Pilipinas” coach Jappy who was able to maintain his composure by keeping his cool all throughout the game without cursing!!! (sarcasm? hehe). On the second set, the team tried mixing and matching players (as what we always do during the previous games). But we just could not match up with the opponent’s solidness as a team. Ivan’s powerful open spikes and the blocking skills of Raj were not enough to prevent Charlie and the Dragoons from taking the second set with a commanding lead. (You can’t help but notice that eventhough he plays for Dragoons, you can see from Charlie’s eyes that he wished he was playing for E-Telecare — perhaps because of a special someone who cheers for E-Telecare all the time, hehe).

The thrid set came out to be as bad as the previous one. Sonny and I seemed to have lost fuel and committed a lot of errors. I tried to kill the ball every time I had the chance to but it was fatigue that killed my game all throughout the match. Alliver remained to be the only offensive spark for the team because of his never-give-up attitude. We should also commend Irene and our 2 new female players Bride and Lota for doing their best — Is the P6,000 worth it? (siyempre).

Saturday, October 14th, 2006 Club Volle at Club650 Libis

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