Game 32: E-Telecare vs Fusion

25-10; 25-19; 25-11

Team E-Telecare bowed down to defending champs Team Fusion (who are composed of former La Salle top gunners). The first set ended quickly as the champs pounded on Team E-Telecare with powerful smashes. The second set was a lot better but due to careless errors, Fusion’s second stringers capitalized and won the second set. All throughout the game, the team’s poor blocking has been a key factor specially when you’re up against a strong team that relies on combo plays. On the blocking department, the team did get a few good solid blocks (c/of Arky, Sonny, and Raj) but consistency was never displayed. Team E-Tel tried to mix and match the third set but it was too late.

On the other hand, the games that we have played so far allowed us to know each and every one’s strengths and weaknesses. The team have not played its full potential yet due to a lot of problems going on in and out the court. However, each game we play gets us closer in becoming a better team.      

Sunday, October 15th, 2006 Club Volle at Club650 Libis

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