Game 40: E-Telecare vs Benilde

Game 40: E-Telecare vs Benilde 2:30pm


After going against the defending champs the last time, we were up against the leauge’s 1st runner up Team Benilde this time. In my opinion, they are the most solid team in the tournament mainly because all of them have been playing together for a long time. Benilde came in well prepared before the game started and Team E-Telecare can’t help but notice how disciplined they are as they did their usual team warmup. Unfortunately, not all of us attended the game. Ina have attendance problems at work; Melvin has been assigned to Alabang; Alliver and Cesar were busy; Irene had to rush her kid to the hospital (but at least she dropped by for the picture taking).With previous games, the first set has always been the team’s strongest. During this game however, it was one error after another. A combination of service errors, bad reception, and careless violations were commited. Eventhough Arky (the team’s main setter) was able to set the ball properly most of the time, Benilde’s solidness as a team was just too much. The second set came out to be the best set for Team E-Tel during this game wherein the team showed more team work and consistency (specially in the service department). Thanks to coach Jappy’s constant reminders (or should I say encouragement via mocking/cursing/etc.), the team exerted more effort in commiting less errors. I, on the other hand, went against Jappy’s advice on serving the ball easy to make sure it goes in rather than going for the kill. Good thing it worked out okay as I managed to pull up 3-4 straight points off my jump serves. (Then the next jump serve was straight to the net as I got exhausted). The team started out very well but could not end it strong as Benilde won the second set. The third set was a ‘mix and match’ strategy too late.

This game showed us that eventhough we sometimes go inside the court with half of the lineup missing, we are still capable of playing as a team. As opposed to our first few games, we had complete attendance but there was not a team. Kudos also to Bride and Lots, our 2 female players who played their best all throughout the game (since they did not have any other choice).

25-12; 25-14; 25-16

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Wednesday, October 18th, 2006 Club Volle at Club650 Libis

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