Team E-Telecare

So far, we have played 3 games and got 10 points. Here’s our game results:

Game 4: E-telecare lost to Teleperformance (25-22; 18-25; 5-25)
Game 8: E-telecare lost to Kampo (12-25; 28-30; 21-25)
Game 24: E-telecare lost to Esthetica (17-25; 15-25; 15-25)

You can view the current team standings and game sked at the Club650 website. After all the drama, we managed to play these games with a mixture of both frustration and achievement. Let’s make the most our of our remaining games by playing as a team and most importantly enjoy playing volleyball. One big fight!

So teammates, what do you think went wrong during our first few games? What should we do then to improve?

Friday, October 13th, 2006 Club Volle at Club650 Libis

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