Game 10: E-Telecare vs Hero TV

25-23; 14-25; 15-25

Miss Player of the Game: Lucky!!!

The team seemed hopeless at first as only 7 of us attended the game last Saturday against HeroTV. Most of the players who were not able to come had previous commitments, some had emergencies, visit to the dentist, sked problems, and a few were just not in the mood and has given up. Thanks to the 7 people who came, team E-Telecare survived another game forfeiture. As always, Irene arrived at the last minute.

The first set was obviously the best as team E-Telecare managed to give HeroTV an upsetting first set loss. They started with their second stringers and perhaps thought that our team was such a weak team no one could even spike the ball properly during the 5-minute warmup. They were wrong because we fought hard and earned each point we made. At the 20-20 all mark, they subbed their top players but it was just too late. The momentum was on E-Telecare’s side and we were so determined to win we actually won, 25-23.

When your game is off, all aspects of it is off. Out of at least 6 jump serves I made throughout the game, only one went in. The team was relying on me for offense but all my attacks were off target. Even reception has become a weakness. Good thing we have Lucky who, for the very first time since game 2, played as an Open Spiker. His consistency was enough to let us win the first set. Ivan provided good defense while Ernest and Arky’s setting were also consistent — at least less careless violations. As for Lots and Irene, ummmm they both get A+ for attendance. Team Hero TV had to use their top players all the way to ensure they win the second and third sets.

This game proves that anything can happen in the game of volleyball. We had fun causing upsets to top teams like Hero TV.

Sunday, November 5th, 2006 Club Volle at Club650 Libis

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  • franco villanueva says:

    pwede bang mag’suggest na ung ibang shows ng hero tv palitan? kc puro nlang violent shows eh..prang HINDI PAMBATA ung channel..well there are shows nman na mgaganda at pra sa mga bata tlaga pero MOST of their shows kc puro away’away…mbuti pa ilabas nla dun ung mga dating cartoons ng abs-cbn like Twins at St. Claire, Jodie, Heidi, Remy, etc… WAG NMAN UNG PURO VIOLENT CARTOON SHOWS PLS LNG HERO TV…GIVE MERIT TO MY SUGGESTION..dami pa nman mga bata d2 smin na lagi nood ng channel nyo.concerned lng ako.i hope i can also hear from u guys.salamat.

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