One of Raine’s responses on the league’s “never ending issues”

There have been a lot of complaints raised by teams in the league regarding penalties, uniforms, violations, etc. These “issues” have been heard and given much careful thought by the tournament committee headed by Raine Romero (of Team Dragoons). I’m quoting one of her email response to such issues below:

After much deliberation, the committee decided to count all sets of the game between Esthetica and Teleperformance for reasons that Esthetica made their complaint AFTER the 1st match has already been played; and that the said player of teleperformance was in a uniform of the same color. The committee recognizes that such an issue was never a problem with the rest of the teams in the league as made clear during the game of Esthetica and wherein team Esthetica asked for their approval, before the match started, regarding 3 of their players without uniforms. This decision is FINAL.

On the fines and penalties, the issue has already been explained. It will be imposed.

Team representativs have always been privileged to speak their minds in this tournament, heard, and considered for whatever issues they want to raise up. Registration fees on its own do not cover the expenses of this tournament. In case it you don’t realize it, this is a business, not a charitable institution – courts are paid for despite being an inhouse tournament and everyone is aware that our court hours do not come cheap – and that’s just part of the expenses.

I suggest that next time anyone decides to join the tournament, read everything carefully. If you don’t agree on any part of it then don’t join.

I apologize to the other team representatives for having to go through the inconvenience of receiving the past exchange of emails. A bunch of you have made clear your sentiments about this and I thank you.

Raine Romero
Sport Manager – Volleyball
Clubsixfifty Sports Center
150 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave, Libis
Tel: 6370.650
Telefax: 6311.356

Tuesday, November 7th, 2006 Club Volle at Club650 Libis

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