“There is no available connection type” error when installing Nokia PC Suite


It’s so frustrating when a tech support guy cannot resolve his own tech problems. I get the error message above after installing the Nokia PC Suite software that was bundled with my N70 Music Edition. The installation finishes but when you click on “Get Connected” that opens up the Get Connected Wizard, then you click Next, the error then shows up. You have no choice but to close the program then a “Failed to detect available connection types! Please reinstall Nokia PC Suite” error pops up. Installing the N70 via the usb cable installs ok (no bangs in device manager). The problem is with the PC Suite. I’m running WinXP Pro SP2. If anyone knows how to resolve this, then please let me know. I have already tried the following:

1. Uninstalled all Nokia programs and even used the Nokia PC Suite Cleaner 3.5 then reinstalled PC Suite 6.81 from the CD.
2. Did #1 again then tried installing the latest 6.82 version which should be compatible with the N70.
3. Did #1 again then went in the Registry to delete the Nokia folder under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE and everything pertaining to Nokia under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes. Then reinstalled PC Suite 6.82 again.
4. Did everything again without Zone Alarm or AVG AntiVirus running.
5. Researched on the Nokia Forum and tried a solution found by Miksu: Click Start, Run, type “C:\Program Files\Common Files\PCSuite\Services\ServiceLayer.exe” /service. But I got a ‘Could no be found’ error.
6. Even a 5300 and 7610 would not work with the PC Suite because of the error.

If anyone knows the fix for this, please let me know. I’ve been dying to transfer our scandal video clips to my PC so I can upload them in this blog. (Joke!)

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  • Tom says:

    I have exactly the same problem. Although mine occured when I couldn’t get music on my phone properly with the new version on PC suite, so I downgraded to an old version. Now it wont work. I’m curreently updating my phone drivers in device manager.

    I’ll let you know if anything happens =D

  • roland says:

    this helped http://www.computerhilfen.de/hilfen-5-60681-15.html

    I’ve done only:
    -> Add Remove Programs-> PC Connectivity Solution -> Change -> Repair

    Hope this helps for you!

  • Mayur says:

    Thanx ROLAND
    repairing “PC Connectivity Solution” is the only thing dat ever worked
    thnx dude….

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