Remembering Imang Charing

Remembering Imang Charing (Rosario Suba Carretero). Born: Nov. 25, 1924. Died: April 10, 2011. Photos taken during her funeral, 9th day Novena at Lolo Ponching’s residence in Marikina, visit to Loyola Memorial Park Marikina. Imang Charing’s ashes were laid at:

Loyola Memorial Park – Marikina
Garden of Salvation Columbary
Phase 3, Cluster 2, Unit D2

Below are some photos during her wake, 9th day, etc. (which I’ve posted as well on my Facebook)…
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Protected: Lola Charing’s accounting

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Why I want to go to Batanes

My wife and I have been busy for the past few weeks. We make it a point to go travel cryptocurrency broker singapore once in a while so we can get out and relax. So this month, we’re going to the exotic island of Batanes. Yup, you heard me right. We’re off to Batanes along with a group of fellow blogger friends.

Batanes is located at the northernmost of the Philippine archipelago. It’s a province by the way. When you watch the weather portion in the news, that’s usually where the reporter points to where typhoons and storms are headed going out of the crypto trading singapore country. They say it’s very rough there. On the other hand, Batanes is also one of the unexploited and unspoiled places in the Philippines. For sure, a lot of exciting things await me and my friends. I heard that the Ivatans (Batanes folks) are very interesting people, so I’m eager to get to know them.

So why the hell do I want to go to Batanes? It’s simple. I want to go to Batanes because I’ve never been there. I want to see places cryptocurrency trading that are not the usual spots in the Philippines. And Batanes is something to look forward to.

Scenic Batanes photo proudly stolen from Melo Villareal
Scenic Batanes photo proudly stolen from Melo Villareal

Wanna go visit Batanes? Book now at website. The SEAIR folks have recently increased their flights going to Batanes.


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Adventure trip to Coron, Palawan (part 1)

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Busuanga Island Coron, Palawan

Flying to Busuanga Island Coron, Palawan

Do you ever get tired of the usual summer getaways like Boracay and Puerto Galera? If you’re after the party and beach babes, then go there. But if you want to experience a not too populated and commercialized vacation place, then you should try exploring the unblemished island of Busuanga in Coron, Palawan. Last week, my wife and I together with some travel blogger friends (Nina, Eric, Ferdz), went on an adventure trip to Busuanga Palawan.

Travel time from Manila to Palawan usually takes 1 hour and 20 minutes as you see them advertised in the websites. But thanks to SEAIR, we arrived at our destination in just 35 minutes! Aside from making the most out of the abs of celebrity endorser Marc Nelson, SEAIR is also known to have the fastest flights to its select destinations like Palawan. The sooner you get there simply means more fun and adventure time for you and your friends. Agree? You can also take the much cheaper but agonizing 24-hour Superferry boat route if maximizing your travel schedule is not too important.

After the pleasant half-hour trip via SEAIR’s 32-seater Dornier 328 Aircraft, we touched down at the Francisco Reyes Airport in Coron, Palawan. There was a lot of construction and expansion work being done at the airport. So this means that Palawan is being developed to be a prime tourist spot in the country. I just hope our government will not be too aggressive on this so as not to make Palawan too commercialized.

SEAIR\'s Dornier 328 Aircraft
Photo by Gail dela Cruz-Villanueva

From the airport, we went on a 45-minute jeepney ride going to the town proper for Php150. The jeep will drop you off at the lodge or resort you’re staying or somewhere near. Just make sure you tell factorio ???? ??????? the jeepney driver ahead of time. Although it was a very bumpy and dusty ride because there were no concrete roads yet, the scenery was breath-taking. The air was really fresh. We passed by the Yula King cattle ranch. I didn’t see too many cattle but I do remember seeing horses doing what stray dogs usually do here in the streets of Manila. It was a bright sunny day too. Our timing was perfect.

Staying over at Crystal Lodge

It was Ferdz who took care of our reservations a week before the trip. We initially planned on booking at Sea Dive Resort, a popular place to stay because they have air-conditioning. But we ended up staying at Crystal Lodge.

>Crystal Lodge Coron, Palawan
Photo by Gail dela Cruz-Villanueva

Crystal Lodge Coron, Palawan
Photo by Gail dela Cruz-Villanueva

The nipa-hut style cottages are nicely situated along the seashore on stilts. So you have a nice view of the sea and the islands across. Very beautiful. There are ???? ?? factorio mangroves as you walk along the narrow passage made of old, cranky wooden planks. One wrong step and you can find yourself swimming with the little fishes underneath. The whole place is somewhat primitive and that what makes it so beautiful. It was as if we were living in a fishing community together with the Coronians (better known as the local people of Coron, Palawan). Crystal Lodge does not have air-conditioning but the rooms and hang-out areas are very cool and breezy all the time. It was so peaceful and relaxing over at Crystal Lodge. At times, we would just sit around a bamboo bench and wonder how we could stop time so we can stay longer in this island paradise.

I noticed more foreigners (usually the backpacker tourist type) prefer staying at Crystal Lodge because it’s the place closest to Mother Nature so to speak. And they’re cheaper than the other hotels too. Gail and I rented our cottage for Php1,200 for 2 nights. You can check out their website over here. On the other hand, if you prefer a more convenient place with modern facilities like most Pinoys on vacation coming from Manila prefer, then you’ll probably sleep more comfortably over at Sea Dive Resort. You can see their website over here.

Crystal Lodge and Sea Dive Resort are both located inside the Coron town proper. So the wet and dry market, carenderias, scuba diving centers and shops, airline offices, bars, restaurants, and other establishments are just a walk away. Or maybe just take a tricycle for Php8 per person going to nearby places within the town proper.

We came to learn that Crystal Lodge was being leased and managed before by some foreign businessman who also operated Dive Calamianes, a popular scuba diving center in Coron. I guess ??????? ???? ??? factorio the lease contract already expired this year so Crystal Lodge (as of June 2008) is now being managed by its Filipino owners.

On our second night, we kinda experienced the “nightlife” in Coron. What happened was, the electricity went out which lasted the entire night. It would have been pitch black if it weren’t for the brightly lit moon and stars that night. The place we stayed did not have a generator for back-up power. So it was quite an experience for the five of us, all in a single file, finding our way cautiously through the wooden planks back to our cottages with only one flashlight.

(To be continued…)

Coron, Palawan
Photo by Gail dela Cruz-Villanueva

Coron, Palawan
Photo by Gail dela Cruz-Villanueva

Coron, Palawan
Photo by Gail dela Cruz-Villanueva

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The 2008 Philippine Blog Awards

It’s going to be a bigger and better 2008 Philippine Blog Awards event. The blog awards is open to all Filipino bloggers. The aim is to recognize the local bloggers who use blogging as their medium to express themselves or the group they represent in their respective niches.

Please help spread the news (perhaps by posting about the blog awards on your blog or site). Might as well use the official blog awards banner graphic above if you are going to do so. The details on the venue, time and dates will be announced in the near future. Thanks.

  • If you’d like to sponsor this event or know someone who might be interested, you may send an email to philippineblogawards[at]gmail[dot]com for the Sponsorship Package or fill out the blog awards sponsorship form.
  • Just like last year, if you’d like to volunteer by lending us your time, skills and talent, please contact Gail of at kutitots[at]gmail[dot]com.
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Hot Air Balloon shots from a Nokia cellphone

Blog post titles of bloggers who attended The 11th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta at Clark Field Pampanga last February 10:

Photo Project: Hot Air Balloon Fiesta by Abe
Where Can You Find Photos of the 11th International Philippine Hot Air Balloon Fiesta? by Rico
Bloggers Are Full Of Hot Air by Jayvee
come away with me by Jobarclix
Balloon Fiesta – 11th International Philippine Hot Air Balloon Fiesta by Anton
Up, up, and away! by Gail (who stole my initial idea)
Photo Day with bloggers at the Balloon Fiesta by Sasha
Hot Air Balloon Fiesta by Markku

Mine is “Hot Air Balloon shots from a Nokia cellphone” since I was the ONLY one who did not have a digital SLR. We arrived at Clark, Pampanga at around 530am. Enjoyed watching the balloons fill in with hot air. By 8am, all the balloons have disappeared into the sky. We stayed for a few more hours to watch navy people fall out of the planes with parachutes of course, then witnessed some airplane manuevers. By the time we were all nose-bleeding under the scorching sun, we decided to eat at VFW. Here’s my pics:

The Festo balloon


The balloon with the condom-like logo


About to take off…


Festo balloon again


Gail with the stranger who borrowed my chair


Caught in the act… Abe and his dates


Sasha with her new Canon Rebel XTi (400D)


Me and Gail


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The 2007 Philippine Blog Awards

The 2007 Philippine Blog Awards

“The Philippine Blog Awards aims to recognize notable Filipino-owned blogs in their respective niches — a venue to showcase notable blogs with quality content that engages readers from around the globe.”

After the blog parteeh comes the 2007 Philippine Blog Awards. Another historic event that is being put up by bloggers for the benefit of Filipino bloggers. If you missed out the Parteeh, then here’s your chance to become part of another worthwhile event. Visit the official site now to see how you can be part of this.

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“There is no available connection type” error when installing Nokia PC Suite


It’s so frustrating when a tech support guy cannot resolve his own tech problems. I get the error message above after installing the Nokia PC Suite software that was bundled with my N70 Music Edition. The installation finishes but when you click on “Get Connected” that opens up the Get Connected Wizard, then you click Next, the error then shows up. You have no choice but to close the program then a “Failed to detect available connection types! Please reinstall Nokia PC Suite” error pops up. Installing the N70 via the usb cable installs ok (no bangs in device manager). The problem is with the PC Suite. I’m running WinXP Pro SP2. If anyone knows how to resolve this, then please let me know. I have already tried the following:

1. Uninstalled all Nokia programs and even used the Nokia PC Suite Cleaner 3.5 then reinstalled PC Suite 6.81 from the CD.
2. Did #1 again then tried installing the latest 6.82 version which should be compatible with the N70.
3. Did #1 again then went in the Registry to delete the Nokia folder under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE and everything pertaining to Nokia under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes. Then reinstalled PC Suite 6.82 again.
4. Did everything again without Zone Alarm or AVG AntiVirus running.
5. Researched on the Nokia Forum and tried a solution found by Miksu: Click Start, Run, type “C:\Program Files\Common Files\PCSuite\Services\ServiceLayer.exe” /service. But I got a ‘Could no be found’ error.
6. Even a 5300 and 7610 would not work with the PC Suite because of the error.

If anyone knows the fix for this, please let me know. I’ve been dying to transfer our scandal video clips to my PC so I can upload them in this blog. (Joke!)

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Free BH-501 bluetooth headset until Feb. 10/07

Whenever the hubby buys a new toy such as a Nokia N70 Music Edition since his old phone’s back/cancel button got busted, the wife gets to buy a new one too even when her 7610 is perfectly working. Gail bought herself a Nokia 5300 Xpress Music JAMPACK which comes with a FREE!!! Nokia BH-501 Bluetooth Headset which is worth around Php4,000 according to the people there. We bought the 5300 at the Nokia Store in Robinsons Galleria at 0% interest (12mos x Php1,249.17) using the hubby’s credit card. They said this promo will last until February 10, 2007 only. This is a good buy.

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No blog, no sex

In an effort to encourage me to revive this blog, my wife has imposed this “No blog, No sex” rule. The rule is simple: I am supposed to blog at least once a week in exchange for love-making. The hornier I get, the more blog entries I get to post. I don’t know where the hell she got this idea (but I think it must have been from one of her blogger friends: Abe, Noemi, Javyee, Rico.) I’ve always wanted to become a blogger ever since Gail, my wife, has introduced me to this sport a couple of years ago. I just did not have the time and I guess proper motivation to keep going. Attending the Blog Parteeh (wherein our web design company Sheero Media was one of the sponsors), made me realize how amazing Pinoy bloggers are and that blogging is by itself a worthwhile venture. This is the end of this blog entry, bye for now. Time for me to claim my prize. Arrrghh!! Meeowww!!

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