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Remembering Imang Charing

Remembering Imang Charing (Rosario Suba Carretero). Born: Nov. 25, 1924. Died: April 10, 2011. Photos taken during her funeral, 9th day Novena at Lolo Ponching’s residence in Marikina, visit to Loyola Memorial Park Marikina. Imang Charing’s ashes were laid at:

Loyola Memorial Park – Marikina
Garden of Salvation Columbary
Phase 3, Cluster 2, Unit D2

Below are some photos during her wake, 9th day, etc. (which I’ve posted as well on my Facebook)…
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Buwiset!!! We were shocked when lola Charing first exclaimed this when she got irritated when Magda-sheewee, a cute little fluffy puppy, barked at her for food. She was eating dinner then. Other than Magda, we have 2 more labradors. Lola Charing would get to see our dogs during her daily morning walk outside our house. Most of the time, she can tolerate the dogs’ playfulness but when they start barking for food, we get to hear lola Charing say, “Buwiset!!!”. Lola Luring says this was the same behaviour she displays whenever she gets irrated back when they were “dalaga”. So every time my brothers and I hear someone shouts, “Buwiset!” in the middle of the night, that means Magda the fluffy puppy got inside lola Charings room. We always get a good laugh when this happens. We would then take the puppy outside the house so that lola Charing can go back to sleep — and us too.

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Doctor’s visit

Dra. Sabayan visited lola Charing today. She was referred by Sister Fe (of La Verna). Up until now, we do not know as to why she could not walk anymore. The doctor told us that Alzheimer patients do not normally develop this. She is suspecting that it may have been brought about by a stroke. She also observed that lola Charing has Osteoporosis. She recommended to get a professional caregiver instead of a “yaya” since lola Charing becomes moody sometimes. Taking an Alzheimer patient to a nursing place or house for the elders is not something Dra. Sabayan recommends. She says it will be best to put her somewhere close to family — at our house in other words. I am just worried about my lola Luring (and lolo) since they certainly will have a hard time taking care of themselves and lola Charing at the same time. But lola Charing has nowhere else to stay but with us. And we promise to take good care of her to the best that we can.

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I think she’s back to being a 12-year-old again

Whenever I pass by lola Charing’s room, I would always make it a point to ask her what my name was. Most of the time she just smiles. Sometime she cries out of frustration because she know she cannot remember. Sometimes, she calls me her dad. I would then always remind her, “Kayo po si Mang Charing… sino po kayo?”. She then smiles and acknowledge, “Ako po si Mang Charing”. She seems to remember this and most of the other things we tell her, but only temporarily of course. When she wakes up again the next morning, it’s back to zero. I think she is in a state of being a 12-year-old because she would usually whispher and ask for her daddy during her sleep. Or I maybe wrong, she could be uttering Danny rather, the name of her husband who already passed away.

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A case of food poisoning and too much worrying

We had to rush my lola (Luring) to a nearby hospital because of food poisoning as we have suspected. I just got back from work then fell asleep. Then lolo had to wake me up. Whenever emergency situations like this occurs, he always gets so nervous he yells at everyone exclaiming that someone is about to die, or worse, already dead. The moment I saw lola twitching in pain, I knew it must have been the “tahong” we ate last night. At the hospital, the nurse gave her a shot of pain killer. After about 4 hours of waiting, all is well again. Apart from food poisoning, lola also worries too much about us and lola Charing who suffers from Alzheimer. Lesson learned: do not eat stale “tahong” and worry too much.

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Wanted: Caregiver

It’s sad to know that while most Filipno caregivers are aiming to go abroad to practice their profession there, a lot of old people need professional caregivers here. Recently, my lola Charing’s husband died (tito Danny) so we had to temporarily adopt her so we can take care of her in our house in Marikina. Lola Charing is my lola’s sister who started to develop Alzheimer since a couple of years ago. My lola used to call her lola “Taba” before. Now, she is hardly that. She cannot take care of herself now and has to be spoon-fed.

my lola Charing remembering that she can read

We tried finding her a nursing place to stay but there are just too many old people and few caregivers. Whenever we ask, “Kailan po ba magkakaruon nang bakante?”; we always get “… kapag may namatay po”. We were actually supposed to have transferred lola Charing to La Verna (Franciscan sisters) this week, a place that was conveniently near us. But after the ‘mother superior’ discovered that lola Charing could not walk and eat by herself anymore, they had to deny her. She needs a home for the elderly that accepts old people with Alzheimer, and a professional caregiver.

(I am dedicating a special thread on this blog just for my lola Charing. I’ll be blogging her progress and whereabouts. Hopefully this can reach out to relatives.)

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