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From liquid back to air (stock) cooling

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It’s been over a month now since I had to switch back to air cooling. I’ve been using a Thermaltake Big Water SE liquid cooling system since the day I built my Athlon64 PC. It was a joy having to figure out how to fit in the Big Water system inside an all-aluminum Lian-Li casing (PC-07B). I had to mount the large 12cm radiator outside rather than inside the casing. But after about 9 months of usage, the liquid pump gave out and would not circulate the coolant anymore. I had to disassemble the Big Water system which did not come out to be as hard as I thought it would be. From CPU Idle temp of 34C, it’s now at 39C using the stock AMD CPU air cooler. If I don’t find a way to get a replacement liquid pump, then perhaps I’ll sell my Big Water SE to Tipidpc.

Tuesday, October 17th, 2006 Techy Stuff 1 Comment

Use PC Alert 4 if you have an AMD CPU

I almost fried my CPU due to a malfunctioning water pump. (That’s why I was not able to blog for almost a week since I could not use my computer). Good thing my PC has the PC Alert 4 program. which you can get from the MSI website by clicking here, that comes with my Athlon64 3200 (Venice core) processor. By the time I was going to use my PC to check email, after my sister used it for hours and hours of browsing her Friendster accounts, the PC Alert warning sounded and automatically shutdown the system indicating that the CPU temperature went up to a whopping 65 degrees Celsius. Yes, I really thought my CPU was going to blow up!! I use a Thermaltake Big Water SE liquid cooling system for the processor. It did not take me long to discover that the problem was the water pump. The CPU was overheating because the water coolant was not circulating at all — It would be as if a typical air cooling system’s fan was not spinning at all. I could not hear the water trickling inside the pump. The bios rpm for the pump was at 0 as well. Lesson learned: If you have a fancy liquid cooling system for your rig, it would be a smart move to get a simple program (such as PC Alert 4 from MSI) that monitors your system and processor temperatures, as well as the speed of your fans.

Thursday, June 8th, 2006 Techy Stuff 12 Comments